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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Common unwell th

Today - here we stand,

Our hands bowed in shame-

What else can we do?

We have no one else to blame!

For it is we who have elected,

These inept leaders to fame;

Can they even not,

Host a simple game-

Without corruption,

For sake of the nation's good name?

A bridge came crashing,

& only shreds of our reputation remain.

Unkempt our hospitality

& incomplete our stadium -

None ready to step up

To resolve this delirium.

For a people who pride,

Their guests above everyone,

We have aptly demonstrated

When it comes to corruption-

We can sell out

Even our nation!

This is the darkest blot

& generations to come have been maimed,

India - the land of so many virtues

Sadly, couldn't present itself properly

When the right time came!

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